Hello, World!

Social media. It truly is like opening a can of worms. Once upon a time, we started to tweet. Gradually we added our own Facebook Page and started promoting the Timber Pinterest page and linking to YouTube… and that’s when we realized… we are hooked!

As many of you will know, the US Timber Press office has a fabulous blog called ‘Timber Press Talks’. They offer giveaways and guest author posts, share sneak-peaks of future releases and create a dialogue with other bloggers. We hope to bring you the same great features, with a bit of a British slant.

To entice you, we have a print to give away from the book Seeing Trees, courtesy of photographer Robert Llewellyn:

Robert Llewellyn, Seeing Trees
Robert Llewellyn, Seeing Trees

This print will be given away at Chelsea, so stay tuned to learn how to enter.